Letter: Kolden for school board

Farm Forum

After the public forum, I read mention of the importance of consistency on the Aberdeen Public School Board. One thing we need to keep in mind is that consistency sometimes leads to complacency.

I think it is time for a fresh perspective. I am voting for Todd Kolden, who I have known since grade school. In all the years I have known Todd, he has never backed down from a tough challenge. A distinguished military career followed by a career as a state administrator has taught Todd the value of team work and how to get things accomplished in a bureaucratic system.

During personal conversations with Todd, he has expressed my belief that in addition to providing a quality education to our children, we need to make sure our teachers are taken care of and have all the tools they need to succeed. With two daughters of my own in the Aberdeen public school system, I trust Todd Kolden is the right choice to make a difference in their education.

Paris Briscoe