Marriage is a partnership

Farm Forum

In response to the Public Voice letter “Redefining Sexuality” in the July 9 issue:

It was stated that it is fact that same-sex marriage will dangerously diminish “traditional” marriage.

I say if a person is that insecure in their marriage, maybe they should not be married. It does not matter how others see you. It matters how you see yourself.

Marriage should be looked at as a partnership. Two people find each other, love each other and want to take care of each other. Marriage is about sharing your life with someone you love, someone you can depend on. A partner in life.

Everyone deserves to have the same rights regardless as to who they fall in love with. Being gay is not all about sex. I wish people would stop making it so bad and dirty.

I think what will cause confusion in young people are closed-minded, rambling statements, such as the ones made previously on July 9.

Stephanie Gubbins