Our Voice: School board elections and low turnout

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Congratulations to Duane Alm and Todd Kolden. They were both elected Tuesday to terms on the Aberdeen Public Board of Education.

Alm is a longtime member of the board, having served for 12 years and having been past president. Todd Kolden will begin his first term on the board.

The themes of the board race, “experience” and “new ideas,” are represented by the victors.

Congratulations also to the mighty 786 voters who made their selections Tuesday. They represent about 4 percent voter turnout.

Those 786 made the decision for 18,757 other eligible voters who did not get to the polls. This is disappointing.

At more than $10,000 to put on the election, that means each vote cast cost about $12.73. That is disturbing.

Thanks to all those who take the time to run, work and vote on Election Day.

— American News editorial board