Feickert’s comments unjust

Farm Forum

Re: Dennis Feickert’s comments reported in the Aberdeen American News July 17.

He complained about the road problems and how Jan Weismantel maybe should be replaced. Dennis, this attack on Jan was uncalled for.

I believe Jan is doing the best job she can with the funding she receives. What is tearing up the roads, and you should know, this is big trucks with pups behind them and other heavy machinery that is too heavy for some of these old roads. And by the way, Dennis, maybe if you had any clout in Pierre, you could help with the funding, but I guess you have none, so it is easier to complain than try to help with these problems.

Right now I think she’s doing better at her job than you are doing at yours. So don’t continue to point out what she should do, try to help her. Oh, by the way, I have voted for you for every office you ran for. But maybe I’ll think about next time you run again.

Richard Jensen