READER PANEL: Readers disappointed by beef plant news

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Today’s question: Northern Beef Packers has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and today has laid off more workers. What is your reaction to the news, and how can the plant get back on track?

I think it would be incredibly difficult (as we have seen) to attract the needed investment with the current management in place, given their track record so far. Beef plant management should be replaced with a new experienced team and, from there, another round of EB-5 funding should be sought.

Jacob Lakhany, Aberdeen

One hundred and fifty million was the amount their website said (is needed) to run the plant from Jan. 13, 2013. Six months later, where is it? State’s attorney needs to look into this, but they wouldn’t, because it will show the state got taken for fools.

Ryan Roehr, Aberdeen

The business model from the first instant for the Northern Beef Packers plant has been a train wreck. The patient has died, but not legally declared dead yet. There are no signs of life.

Bernie Webb, Gettysburg

I am sad that the Beef Packers had to file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. They had to put a lot of people out of work. The plant seems to have lots of problems: the roads, the shortage of animals, or just the fact that people object to the plant near their homes.

Sister Madonna Pierret, Aberdeen

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