Reader Panel: Fair’s best features

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Today’s question: How would you convince someone to attend the Brown County Fair who has never been?

The Brown County Fair continues to be a well known regional event with headliner entertainment day after day. It is a well-run, well-organized event helped along by the favorable annual rich history of both Aberdeen and Brown County.

Bernie Webb


I am always impressed with the free admission and the amount of volunteers. It is fun to go because of all the good food and people watching. It is also fun to look at all the 4-H exhibits and see the kids taking care of their animals.

Keith Petersen


1. No admittance fee. 2. Great competition for home-grown plants and animals. 3. Dedicated volunteers. 4. Executive fair board staff is second to none. 5. Visit with friends from far and near. 6. Fair food is mouth-watering.

Bill Fuhrman


We have free parking, exhibits, tent shows, and it is a good way to observe what our county, community and rural culture is all about. There is not a bad seat at the paid entertainment. There is something for everyone.

Dorothy Graves


There are activities for all ages, much of it is free and there is no admission fee at the gate. It is a good place to meet friends and neighbors.

Lucille Speidel


Invite them to go along with you just to walk by each place and play a game or two and have an enjoyable evening, in which you might learn a lot and you may get a gift or two.

Sister Madonna Pierret


The fair used to be fun, years ago, but now its just old country music, and we like rock. To get someone here, you need high tech displays.

Ryan Roehr


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