OUR VOICE: ‘No left turn’ could not be any clearer

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OK, Aberdeen drivers, what part of “no left turn” are we not getting?

Sixth Avenue Southeast, down to one eastbound lane for construction, has several signs alerting us all to the “no left turn” policy.

In case you’ve not noticed, the signs are white, with a black arrow turned left. There is a red circle around the arrow, with a red line over it.

That means: “Left turn? No!”

Maybe you saw “Ghostbusters” 30 years ago. Same idea.

But that hasn’t stopped some drivers from making left turns into businesses and onto Roosevelt Street, for instance, despite the warnings.

Maybe they don’t think the rules apply to them? More likely, most don’t notice the signs, and figure they have plenty of room to turn.

The half-dozen or so drivers spotted on one trip to the east side Saturday afternoon probably fit into those categories. There are probably a couple who think the “no left turn” policy is silly.

But each time a car stops in that one busy lane of traffic to make an illegal left turn, they are causing a traffic jam behind them and creating the potential for a significant accident.

And during streetwork hours, they are also making the job more dangerous for the folks doing the construction.

We heard from an angry caller last week who said he was ticketed for making an illegal left turn from Sixth Avenue Southeast. He felt unfairly singled out because he observed so many others making that left without a glance from police.

No, he wasn’t singled out. All those other drivers are lucky. Lucky to not get a ticket. Luckier still not to cause a real catastrophe with their careless, selfish driving.

— American News editorial board