Our Voice: Many in our area deserve applause

Farm Forum

Several things recently caught our eye:

Active, giving group

One of the main objectives of the Great Plains Outdoorsmen is to award financial grants for programs that foster educational opportunities for youth, families and others interested in outdoor activities. After awarding nearly $118,000 in grant monies to 28 applicants this spring, it’s clear the nonprofit group is achieving its objective.

For example, the McPherson County 4-H Shooting Sports received a $4,000 grant this year to enhance its trap range 8 miles north of Leola. The Marshall County Sportsman’s Club in rural Britton received two GPO grants this year, according to Britton resident Gary Wickre. The club received a $4,000 award to install a target-retrieval system at its indoor gun range and a $600 grant for a bow press.

“Our committee is a great group of 18 volunteers working to raise money to help other volunteers make dreams reality, keeping the tradition of outdoor sports alive for generations to come,” said Lori Goldade, the secretary/treasurer of the GPO. “None of us get paid for what we do. We have no overhead costs. All of what we raise goes directly to grassroots projects, which are, for the most part, projects run by volunteers.”

This is another great example of how a few can impact many.

Grants good

We applaud public servants who go after grants to make local improvements in their communities. It saves us money as taxpayers, yet achieves the goals of what we want our living spaces to be and look like.

For example, director Doug Johnson and his Aberdeen Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department staff is going after more grants, one of which was recently approved. Johnson and his staff have proven to be masters of finding alternative funding sources throughout the years. We applaud them and others who work to find funding other than through the pockets of taxpayers.

The right kind of Riot

We 1980s-vintage high schoolers well remember the music of Quiet Riot and Great White, the big, silly, loud rock music that dominated MTV during the “me” decade.

The bands have had their ups and downs over the years, but maybe they can look on their Saturday night “Bash from the Past” concert in Aberdeen as a recent high point.

First, the event showcased Fossum Events Area as an alternative performance venue.

Then, the music entertained folks who look at concerts like this as a real “must-see event.” We know some folks who aren’t metal fans who went to the show just because it was something different to do.

And by all accounts, the show was a lot of fun. We’ve heard more than one artist whose visited Aberdeen who said it’s a great audience to play for.

We are looking forward to word spreading to Whitesnake and Dokken next.

— American News editorial board