Letter: The country is going backward

Farm Forum

I see where the president wants to raise the debt ceiling another three trillion dollars.

That is bad, because the interest rate on the debt we already have is eating up a big share of the taxes that we are presently paying. And it is going to keep on getting worse until it destroys us if we don’t do something about it.

The president doesn’t have much choice as long as the Republicans won’t let him raise the taxes on the people that can afford it. I see where a baseball player recently signed a contract for $257 million and there are a lot of other people making millions and billions that should be willing to help bail out the government.

I would agree there could be cuts in non-essential programs and government waste. For example, we could cut the Congress members’ salaries and retirement pay by 50 percent. As long as they are not accomplishing anything, why pay them those high wages?

But in most cases, cutting government projects means cuts in government services, which is what makes this country a pleasure to live in. And in most cases, it cuts jobs, so we have less people paying taxes and more people drawing unemployment pay, so we are going backward.

John Zilverberg