Column: Close friends offer entertainment

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Because of my days gone by of flying and farming, subjects to write about come very easily. However, a good thing can be ruined by dwelling on farming and flying constantly. Relationships are always interesting and meeting and conversing with folks of note is always stimulating and sometimes worthy of print in these ramblings.

Consequently, we have these very close friends who offer constant entertainment just by standing back and watching their everyday lives.

Jack and Connie Waltman are our very best friends. Have been for at least 70 years, and the fact that Connie is a relative just enhances the closeness.

Jack and Connie own and operate this vast ranch near the North Dakota border. They handle nearly 1,200 mother cows, and this time of year, that number multiplies to 2,400 and sometimes even more when yearlings are kept until a fall sell-off.

In addition to all of these bovines, they plant, nourish and harvest a few thousand acres of corn, soybeans and wheat.

They are our farming partners at the K-farm and they are the best partners any old and retired farmers could ever have.

Anything worth doing is worth doing the right way and done with that loving touch that helps make them so successful at what they do.

Jack and Connie have a legacy of offspring to keep the lineage going long after they are no longer able to take part. They have two sons, Jeff and Mike, who are masters at their trade. But there is more. They have numerous grandchildren who have learned farming very well from their elders, and this all goes toward making up a very organized and successful operation that must be the model for many other families who endeavor to make the most of a family farm operation.

This family is unique in they can fix most anything and are masters at handling equipment and the timely application of machine operation when it is needed.

Their operation is vast, covering myriad acres that respond very well to their expert touch. They operate modern technology and equipment, which really is their secret to a successful farming and ranching operation. Without this handy and appropriate machinery, their task would be daunting, to say the least.

Their knack for timely attending to their crops is a real gift that is so vital to success. They have subscribed to a vast routine of approved practices with the livestock. It seems hardly a week passes without some sort of working of the livestock is taking place. They have chosen some very astute practices over the years, which has resulted in developing a super herd with the utmost in quality and profit making decisions. They artificially inseminate the cows with proven sires and this task has resulted in a quality herd that is second to none.

Jack and Connie deserve high accolades for what they have set in motion over 60 years ago and we are very, very proud to call them friends and partners.

’Nuff said.

Gerald “Jerry” Krueger is a retired educator, coach, commercial pilot and farmer. Write him at His column publishes Mondays.