Who are you going to call?

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The thought occurred to me the other day; I wonder if, after nearly two years since the re-organization of the Extension Service in South Dakota, is the phone number for the Winner Regional Extension Center in the phone book? I hadn’t gotten around to looking yet this morning when someone called with a question, and after that was taken care of, suggested that we should get our phone number in the phone book.

He said it wasn’t in the phone book and had to look in the newspaper for my news column to find it (I always thought writing a weekly news column was a good idea). As it turns out, the phone number for the Winner Regional Extension Center is in both of the telephone books we are provided with here in the Winner center. As apparently some people have figured out, the key is to look under “SDSU Extension Regional Center. I don’t have access to telephone books from other areas of South Dakota, but I could imagine they would list Regional Extension Centers in those areas the same way.

If you are looking online, visit: http://igrow.org/about/our-experts/ for a complete listing of all the SDSU Extension Regional Centers, the County Extension Offices where the 4-H Advisors are located, as well as the SDSU Extension Campus-Based Staff. If you want to contact the SDSU Extension Regional Center here in Winner, call 842-1267.

Watering Trees

Many trees which were just beginning to recover from the 2012 drought are now beginning to suffer from the late summer water deficit that many areas are experiencing. There are numerous trees with discolored foliage and drooping shoots. If trees in areas that have been low in precipitation, expect to see some dieback and decline next year if these trees are not watered soon.

The best time to water your trees to prepare them for winter, particularly evergreens, is not just before freeze-up, but now. Most trees do best with about 1 inch of precipitation a week at this time of year so that means a fair amount of watering.