Letter: Elm Lake roads need investment

Farm Forum

In response to the story “Elm Lake residents want paved roads” (Sept. 4), we already have paved roads.

The problem is the county is trying to fix them with gravel. County roads 3A and 6 are both paved roads that lead from U.S. Highway 281 to the community at Elm Lake. The county has neglected these roads, even though our property valuation since 2003 has increased over $4 million. They used to be patched with tar, but now the county dumps rocky gravel in the holes, which looks OK until the first vehicle drives over and scatters the rocks, leaving holes now surrounded by loose gravel on pavement.

As a lake destination, vehicles pulling campers and boats and carloads of kids travel these unsafe roads or take township gravel roads. The county just put up speed signs: 55, with 30 mph around a gravel patched curve. Both are too fast for the road conditions and teen drivers.

Warning signs for loose gravel and road breakup have been posted, but long stretches of pavement would lead an unsuspecting driver to think that the dangerous areas are passed and to speed up, only to come over a hill to another broken section.

Whose roads have been maintained with our tax dollars? It seems our taxes get funneled to the Aberdeen area, but never make it back to take care of northern Brown County.

I invite people, including the commissioners, to drive up to Elm Lake to see all the development that is taking place here. Just allow plenty of time and don’t drive your new car.

Lynette Durheim

Forbes, N.D.