Letter: Melgaard Park important

Farm Forum

Many of us grew up in Aberdeen and used Melgaard Park as children and we feel that preservation of the park is important. We played there and our children and grandchildren play there. Perhaps City Council and park board members don’t understand what the park means to us or the memories it holds as life-long Aberdonians. Clearly, our mayor, park director and city manager did not grow up here.

Apartments (student housing) on the west end of the park will destroy that portion of the park. Several alternatives to apartments have been mentioned, such as a parking lot for the park, a continuation of the bike/walking path around the park, handicap accessibility to the band shell, disc golf course and many more.

The city can easily pay an appraised fair price for the 100 feet of property on the West end of Melgaard Park.

They just distributed $200,000 they had “left over” in the city budget. City Council, please give this another chance and rethink your opposition to the idea of adding this land to the park property We are taxpayers, too.

Glenda Meister