Our Voice: Be careful when posting to Facebook

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Much like famous celebrities who want the paparazzi to photograph them only when they are looking their best or when their children are not present, those who use social media sites are now complaining about the use of the information that they post. Celebrities love the free publicity — but on their own terms.

Facebook has recently revised its terms of service, which allows them to sell anything that is uploaded to the site — photos, information, you name it. The current terms override the past policies. That is, if you posted something years ago, it is now accessible for commercialization by Facebook.

Professional photographers in particular are ranting about these changes. Many photographers post their work on Facebook or allow their customers to post photographs as free advertising for their business. For instance, when Joe and Janet get married, they can upload wedding pictures to their Facebook account for all to see, usually with the tag: “All photos are property of Ima Photographer and may not be used without permission.” Usually the photographer’s contact (ordering) information is also included.

But here’s the deal — it’s called a “social media site.” It’s free and was created so that people may voluntarily share personal information.

Any thinking individual will realize that when they put something on the Internet — it is on the INTERNET. Which means it is potentially accessible to millions of people around the world.

Remember the old platitude — “There’s no such thing as a free lunch?”

And the other old platitude‚ “Don’t put anything in writing.”

— American News Editorial Board