Our Voice: Parade fee a positive development

Farm Forum

We applaud Northern State University for this year’s changes to the Gypsy Day Parade, which includes a small $20 entry fee. It’s evident that NSU is already cutting costs where they can, as a group of volunteers assist with both parade setup and cleanup. Some things, however, you just cannot do without. And as costs increase and budgets tighten, there has to be some resolution.

Some people believe the new fee will deter businesses from participating. Other factors, however, will contribute to the possible decline, whether it ends up being large or small. This year’s date conflicts with both South Dakota State University’s homecoming (Hobo Day) and the Festival of Bands USA in Sioux Falls. Because of this, there will be no way to determine how, if at all, the monetary fee really affects the parade lineup in the long run.

Perhaps the small entry fee will motivate some participants to up their game, and we will see bigger and better floats.

Regardless, there is an obvious mutual support that revels in a general, respectful understanding with what is really a small asking fee for participation. We can’t help but also applaud those that recognize the parade as an opportunity to support NSU and be involved in our community, all while showcasing their business or group.

The fact that NSU looked to something other than the pockets of students, who may already be strapped for cash, deserves a standing ovation. In return, these students will continue to support local businesses — now and in years to come, when they return as alumni for the Gypsy Day festivities.

Good move, NSU. Good move.

— American News Editorial Board