Against big government

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The Obama administration and the federal government have gotten too large. There is no longer any common sense.

Barack Obama is closing federal Waterfowl Production Areas to hunting. There are no employees working at any of these areas. They are unmanned. Obama and his liberal friends have forgotten who owns that land: It is we the people, not him the dictator.

Also I read in the paper that the city attorney suggests hiring a full-time employee so we can stay in compliance with regulations from federal programs, such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Americans with Disabilities Act and Family Medical Leave Act. It is insane that the federal government makes laws so complicated that we need to waste our tax dollars on a full-time person, to stay in compliance with our laws.

It is way past time for we the people to take back our government. If South Dakota can operate with a balanced budget, so can the federal government.

I encourage you to get involved before we go like Greece.

Earl Randall