Biased news, right and left

Farm Forum

Perk Washenberger in his Oct. 4 column took Ed Schultz, he of “The Ed Show,” to task for expressing his liberally biased point of view. In this day and age, impartiality seems to be waning, with politically biased discussion and reporting becoming the norm.

People who identify with a political party are prone to reading the columnists and listening to the babblers that cater to that party. Consequently, instead of being informed, they are being dumbed down.

Consider two recent letters to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. One said, “If you want the straight scoop watch ‘The Ed Show.'” The other commenting on what another had written said, “Miller’s letter is a shining example of why Fox News is such a valuable resource for those who want to get unbiased news.”

The summing up sentence from a Journo Watch article about Fox News reads, “You can find an agenda at almost every media outlet in America but none as transparently unprincipled as Fox News.”

Perhaps Perk can pick up some tidbits from that piece and demonstrate some impartiality by devoting a column to the bias shown by the talking heads at Fox.

Charles Snyder

Apple Valley, Minn.