Shutdown must stop now

Farm Forum

I was in on a town hall meeting via phone with Kristi Noem, our Representative for South Dakota. I was surprised at how many that were able to speak directly to her were encouraging her to stand her ground and not allow funding for the Affordable Care Act which is at this point the reason for our federal government shutdown.

I wanted to ask why the House cannot vote on a clean bill on the debt limit, which someone else did ask. Her reply was that they are signing miscellaneous bills and sending them to the Senate for passing certain parts of the debt. As one gentleman said it will take years to get everything taken care of this way. It is past time for them to put on their big-boy boots and do the work they were sent to Washington to do for the people, not themselves, not the lobbyists and not their wealthy backers!

There seems to be a problem with remembering how this country got into the debt problem that we are currently in. The previous administration chose to give a temporary tax cut to the wealthy. Now when asked about it, they say they are not going to raise taxes. Do they not know what “temporary” means? Then they chose to get us involved in not one, but two wars, and Dick Cheney said the oil would pay for it! That worked out really well! Keep in mind, the debt that we have, along with the accrued interest, was all initially voted on by Congress.

It is time to get rid of tax loopholes, subsidies for big corporations, oil, gas as well as huge multimillion-dollar agriculture corporate conglomerates (who are receiving the bulk of $5 billion paid out annually) and often don’t live on the land, but receive subsidies or use the land as a tax write-off, while putting our family farms out of business.

Janet Rydell