Patience is required, at zoo, in Washington

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The small article in Saturday’s American News concerned a tragic death of a worker at a Springfield, Mo., zoo.

It seems that 62-year-old John Bradford, who had been the elephant manager at this zoo for 25 years, was killed by a 41-year-old elephant. This creature was housed in this zoo since 1990 and suddenly “hit” her caretaker. Oh the heartbreak of all concerned.

Having worked around cattle and horses during my teen years, I can relate to the dangers of working with large domesticated creatures but the ongoing wildness of an elephant is another thing.

When I got to the point in the article that offered this elephant’s name, I re-read it and then mused about the irony. The name? “Patience.” What parody, I thought.

I recalled how each of the cattle and horses on my folk’s farm had a name. Spot, Curly, Rosie, etc. and came to the conclusion that our creatures in Washington, the Democratic donkey and Republican elephant should have names too. Let’s see here . . . hum . . . that’s it: Dingy and Dizzy. Perfect.

Let’s talk government shutdown. If the Dingys are dug in behind 60 votes in the Senate and a veto waiting in the White House, then the Dizzys, should be wise enough not to shutdown the government. When they don’t have favorable numbers in the Senate or White House and are muddled in the House, the Dizzys are bound to lose influence and political favor.

I must say, I agree with much of the Dizzys hopes and aspirations, but they should really pick fights that they can possibly win and then have patience.

If one takes into consideration how the Dingys can maneuver the federal workforce, there is opportunity for the Dizzys to make political hay but a majority of the liberal-bent national news sources won’t give that effort favorable reporting.

That’s a known.

I’m sure a sound majority of us have little time to understand this shutdown brouhaha and considering the national news sources, that’s political advantage for the Dingys.

Certainly, the Dizzys have noble intentions concerning saving the very foundations of this nation, both economically and spiritually. The main target of the Dizzys actions in the House was the head Dingys Affordable Care Act.

But here’s more irony. At this point it seems the ACA may die a natural death because people are now discovering what it is and does without the Dizzys’ inputs. We’ll all find out it’s redistribution on steroids. The ACA is another invitation for the masses to stay poor, another well-intentioned program to be gamed both politically and individually. Advantage, Dingys. Voting conservatively to un-dizzy the right seems to be the only solution.

My accordion beckons . . .

Perk Washenberger, Aberdeen, a retired real estate broker and business owner, now musically entertains people in senior living and care centers and at community events. Write to him at