Letter: No profanity, please

Farm Forum

I would request that the American News staff decide to eliminate all profane words from future publications. If someone submits a profane word in an article (as was printed in Tuesday’s paper on the Viewpoints page), please consider just eliminating it or using the asterisk to show you eliminated an offensive word. When you are quoting a person and that person uses a profane word, use the asterisk to let readers know there was a profane word and you won’t quote such communication.

Years ago I used profane words in abundance. When the Lord Jesus cleansed me, he took that desire and habit from me. When I read those words now, they make me feel defiled.

I would love to be able to read the newspaper without encountering profanity. When I encountered profanity in today’s paper, I immediately terminated reading the article just in case the writer used other offensive words.

The more profanity is published in the daily newspaper, I believe it becomes more acceptable. You are putting a stamp of approval on that kind of communication. We can do better as a society.

Another thought: “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” A profane mouth indicates a profane heart. You would actually make the writer appear less profane if you discontinued printing his profane words.

I am all for a society that communicates decently without resorting to offensive language. I encourage all the children and teens I teach to keep that language out of their vocabulary.

Jolene Harms