Column: Ethanol worthwhile endeavor

Farm Forum

Our grandson Christopher and I attended a recent open house at the Glacial Lakes Energy ethanol plant near Mina. This Mina ethanol plant is a wonderful addition to our community. It produces a huge amount of product that is distributed all over the globe. Much of the ethanol produced at Mina is used here in the Midwest, but strangely enough, some of this product is sent all the way to Brazil.

Another oddity is some of the sugar cane-based ethanol produced in Brazil is exported back to the United States. Strange, huh?

It remains a mystery as to why there are those in our country who oppose the production of ethanol. It is such a breath of fresh air to every aspect of our society.

The production of ethanol brings about some interesting facts. No beaches closed. No wildlife destroyed. No wars fought. No lives lost. And the most important aspect: It lessens reliance on the Middle East for supplying the U.S. with fossil fuels.

For way too long our old, battered country has had to rely on foreign oil to keep our economy and drivers supplied with fuel. Ethanol is the beginning of the end of this blackmail we have been subjected to for way too long.

As for the detractors of ethanol, the onus would be on me to urge you to change your mind or alter your thinking about ethanol and begin an earnest support of this amazing industry.

Everyone within the reach of this great newspaper who reads this can do their part for the future of ethanol by using some type of ethanol every time you fill up your vehicle. The more ethanol is used, the more secure this patriotic endeavor becomes.

The speakers at the open house warned of the strong opposition toward ethanol posed by the giant oil companies. Evidently, they don’t like competition from a bunch of Midwest farmers owning and operating a dynamic industry that poses a threat to their future.

The falsehoods portrayed in laments made by many could probably be pawns of the giant oil companies. Let there be no mistake about this real problem. Giant oil is out to get us and we need a concerted public relations effort to save this vital endeavor, ethanol, for our posterity.

Reliance on ethanol has a very bright future if these giants cannot get to our nation’s lawmakers and repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Renewable fuel is a boon to about everything ailing our country.

This amazing discovery has answered so many of these nagging problems by creating myriad jobs, cutting down on the continual drain on our budget by paying foreign countries so much, and by helping the deficit by exporting this unique product.

It even becomes a matter of patriotism to support and speak out publicly about ethanol. With the future increase of this advantageous miracle product, it makes America so able to benefit from these constant and nagging problems.

Whenever there are comments made by detractors of ethanol, there is always the lament made that it is so inefficient. Duh? What do you think the refineries do in order to make gasoline from crude oil. Talk about inefficient.

Nuff said.

Gerald “Jerry” Krueger is a retired educator, coach, commercial pilot and farmer. Write him at His column publishes Mondays.