From the Editor: Kennedy memories are important

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For millions of Americans, it was a tragedy that would change their worlds forever.

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963, was one of those rare moments when everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news.

America truly identified with Kennedy. He was the youngest president elected to office. He was the first — and only — Catholic president. His young family became American royalty, with generations mesmerized by their every success, stumble and tragedy.

When he was gunned down by Lee Harvey Oswald on that afternoon in Dallas, many recall it as a moment in which America lost its innocence.

On Nov. 22, 2013, we will honor Kennedy with the thoughts and memories of American News readers. Many of your own stories will be published in the paper and on that day.

We would like to hear your recollections of that day and how you heard the news.

More than that, reader memories of Kennedy’s influence, his time in the White House and, yes, his visit to Aberdeen in 1960 are also appreciated and welcomed.

Because this event occurred 50 years ago, we expect we will hear from more of our longtime readers who were alive at that time, than those whose recollections of Kennedy aren’t from first-hand experience.

Beginning today, you will see ads in the paper with a form readers can use to fill out to share their memories. You can also fill it out on a separate sheet of paper, or use the form on

Mail or drop off your recollections to:

Kennedy Memories

c/o The American News

124 S. Second St.

Aberdeen, SD 57401

For those who have questions, please call or email me: 605-622-2300 or

All memories must be received in the office by Nov. 18 for inclusion.

A new forecast

Several weeks ago, I asked for reader feedback on our daily weather map.

I heard from several people and, on Friday, we launched the new map.

The No. 1 change is that it is shorter than the old map. This will allow us to fit more news and, frankly, more color advertising. Page 2A is one of the places we have space for color ads, so shortening the weather map by an inch and a half will make a difference.

You may also notice we didn’t lose too much information, either. In fact, we added quite a bit.

In the warmer months, we will have data that affects the ag community. During the winter, we’ll have more local snow data. We’ve also added more area cities to our regional map.

The only information we lost was the “weather history” brief.

The other changes are cosmetic. By moving some things around, combining some other things, making some stuff smaller, AccuWeather — the company that provides the map and data — was able to make the weather page smaller, but with more information.

We hope you get some use from it.

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