READER PANEL: Wintertime events eagerly awaited

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Today’s question: What wintertime event are you most looking forward to?

Although I have never seen it due to weather or lack thereof and, at other times, apathy on my part, I’d like to see the Snow Queen Festival, and we always look forward to the wonderful work done by Dave Eckert and the chorus on the Living Christmas Tree.

Kenneth C. Stuart, Aberdeen

Wintertime includes the Christmas holidays, a time to bring family and friends together with God’s help. May all travel safely doing so. I look forward to the NFL playoffs. Can the Broncos win the Super Bowl ahead?

Bernie Webb, Gettysburg

My nieces’ and nephews’ school activities, UND hockey game, ice fishing and hunting.

Ryan Roehr, Aberdeen

Come January, I’d like our elected officials in D.C. to present us with a plan to decrease spending and the national debt. This is the most important event in my book. Those getting handouts should be closely monitored to be certain they are U.S. citizens, use no illegal drugs and seek work if physically able.

Bill Fuhrman, Aberdeen

Ice fishing. Coyote hunting.

Rod Lammer, LaMoure, N.D.

I am really looking forward to Super Bowl XLVIII. I know my Vikings won’t make it, but I hope whoever does has to play in a New Jersey blizzard.

Keith Petersen, Aberdeen

I’m looking forward to surviving yet another of South Dakota’s often beautiful and almost always survivable winters, and then waiting anxiously for spring.

Roylene Schwab, Aberdeen

NFL football. Go Broncos!

Sharon Thompson, Rapid City

I am looking forward to sitting at home and watching it snow. I do not have to work or go anywhere. I hope all the people that drive by and get stuck will also stay at home until the streets have been plowed.

Dorothy Graves, Aberdeen

I always look forward to Winterfest and Christmas on Main in our great downtown! Hockey, basketball, and so many other fun indoor events also make winter a great time in our growing area.

Julie Johnson, Aberdeen

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