Noem has guts

Farm Forum

You have it all wrong about Rep. Noem (Our Voice, Oct. 20). She has guts; she has my support.

Giving Washington, D.C., an unlimited amount of credit by not reigning in spending or addressing the debt is a prescription for disaster. Everyone will lose. It can only lead to the devaluation of our currency and savings and sets our nation and our way of life on the road to extermination.

Continuing to appropriate and hand out money we don’t have, money we borrow or simply print, exacerbates the situation and takes us ever more closer to the end of everything.

When the USSR went broke, the Union of Soviet Republics ceased to exist. In 1789, when Louis XVI went broke and called for a meeting of the Estates General to raise more revenue, the guillotine was brought out, and heads rolled!

Peter Ostrowski