Noem part of fiasco

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Before coming to America, I lived under a heinous dictatorship, then under the brutal occupation by the Nazis and eventually in a European-style democracy. When I was naturalized, almost 50 years ago, I registered as a Republican and I have been a Republican since then.

I’m presently dumbfounded by the behavior of the members of the so-called tea party, with which Ms. Noem seems to have aligned her political fortunes. What is surprising about this group is what seems to be their deep political naivetŽ and what appears to be a strong tendency among some of their leaders toward seemingly bullying tactics.

What is tragic about all this is the damage they could have inflicted upon our country by their recent tactics and, as well, the unflattering picture of America they presented to both our friends and, most especially, to our enemies, in the international arena.

I share with them the concern about our fiscal conundrum, but instead of using their energy, talents, and influence to gradually and gentlemanly eliminate the true roots of our pressing chronic financial problem, they acted, in the political arena, like the proverbial bull in a China closet – and I’m sorry to see one, who represents us in Congress, to be part of such a fiasco.

Michael E. Paradise