Our Voice: We aren’t ready, but slick roads are back

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Against our best hopes and wishes, the weather does not suddenly turn pleasant because we are not ready to deal with it.

Thus, it is that we must remind our neighbors, as we write this on the first slick Tuesday afternoon of the season, that far too many people have already died in preventable car accidents. The roads are tricky this time of year. Moisture freezes on the surface at night and melts in the morning, on the sunny spots first. Bridges and overpasses thaw later, leaving dangerous patches scattered along the road.

You can’t avoid what you can’t see. Before you jump in your vehicle, scrape the entire windshield, the side and back windows, and the outside mirrors.

If frost forms on the inside of the windshield, run the air-conditioner, using the fresh air option until the window is clear.

Watch for “black ice,” also known as “glare ice.” It looks like a harmless puddle, but can launch your vehicle into a deadly spin.

Read your vehicle owner’s manual. It will explain how the all-wheel drive feature and the electronic stability controls actually function in bad weather.

But perhaps the best choice is to simply stay home until the plows are done doing what they do best.

— American News editorial board