Thank You: Many make a mission

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A group of students and adults from Roncalli schools have returned from a mission trip to Pine Ridge and the community of Allen.

There were so many acts of generosity that made the trip possible. Three trailers of donated items were delivered: clothing, food, school supplies, children’s books and games. Others donated toward the cost of gasoline and food for the mission team. Many others lifted the team up in prayer.

With grateful hearts, the mission team wishes to thank anyone who supported the mission trip. Special thanks to Steve and Gerianne Pfieffer, Father Stevens, Dave and Marilyn Wachs, Doug and Peggy Cox, Pat and Roberta Gallagher, Dave and Rita Pettigrew, Evie Smith, Chris Gross, Gerald and MaryAnn Krueger, Presentation Sisters, Finishing Touch, St. Luke’s, Sanford, Nearly New, Taylor Music, Ryan and Angie Hanson, Mike and Edie Mattern, Joe and Niki Zikmund, Chuck and Jeannette Nietert, Dr. Frisco, Orthopedic Surgery Specialists, Chad and Benita Weber, Anita Miller, Ken and Mary Byrd, Scott and Monica Kuck, Patty Pietz, Tom and Margaret Fjeldheim, Jeff and Sue Hanson and Kristy Schinkel. Trailers were donated by Jeremy VanVeem, Larry and Delores Scheid, and Mike Nickolas and Wheat Growers.

The mission team was called to serve as the hands and feet for Christ. In doing so, a special relationship was forged between Aberdeen Catholic Schools and the people of Allen.

Mark Stone

2013 Roncalli Mission Team