PUBLIC VOICE: Bring back Capp

Farm Forum

Andy Capp is like lots of men in the American News reading area. We enjoy many of his antics, enjoy reading about them, and are thankful we don’t follow in his footsteps (but once may have).

Question: Why would you drop a comic to which so many men enjoy and can relate? There are none that fill the void other than Jeff Bahr. Most of us have never, at least not weekly, fallen in the canal, but probably don’t help our wives enough, either. I, too, am guilty of asking my wife to do things I could do myself. I spend hours watching birds, not pigeons. Hopefully I haven’t been too offensive to my mother-in-law. Do we usually pick losers at races/games, etc.?

These are just a few of the many things we enjoy reading about, and are thankful we don’t have to suffer his hangovers. All these “worthless” everyday events in Flo’s life (she works her fingers to the bone just like my wife) are so much better in color. Andy is certainly not my hero, but is it refreshing or am I just overly thankful I’m not quite as disgusting as he is?

Needless to say, I’d like him back on Sundays.

Bill Fuhrman