Letter: Noem listens to her constituents

Farm Forum

In the last conference call from Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., some of her constituents thanked her for being strong. Some of them were adamant they did not want Obamacare and were concerned about the trillion-plus dollars of unsustainable debt.

Gee, how novel. She calls and listens to her constituents.

I called the DNC and asked them to forward my comments. Fat chance! President Barack Obama obviously knew of the debacle to come, as he gave waivers and exemptions to special interests and some businesses before the law was signed. After it was law, he delayed the business mandate for one year.

The last plan by the House requested the individual mandate also be delayed one year.

Had our Complainer-in-Chief and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid agreed to listen, talk and negotiate, perhaps thousands would not be receiving their notices their insurance coverage (complying with the law), clinics would not be laying off doctors and nurses and perhaps the government would have delayed their reduction of reimbursements to pharmacies.

Obamacare was to be a salvation for the uninsured. Many are unemployed who can’t afford this “affordable” health care and are enrolling in Medicaid.

After spending $634 million to launch Obamacare, now they are requesting billions to fix the website.

Oh well, billions here, trillions there. As Hillary Clinton asked in her testimony regarding the debacle in Benghazi, “What difference does it make?”

Elsie Albach