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Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope this finds you all bright-eyed and bushy tailed and raring to take on the world in the New Year. Let me assure all of you that some phenomenal events are about to take place in 2014. I can feel it in my bones. And I’m not joking about feeling it in my bones. But, before I get to that tale—I’m just itching to relate a recent event—you might even say it was like a reality TV episode. And the story goes like this…

Real Life Drama

There I was just relaxing in my recliner the other night, catching up on my reading. The phone rang and here was a call from a good old Angus friend of ours telling me to watch a program on a certain television channel. Since we didn’t receive that channel, he said he’d email it to me. Within minutes, I had the link to the video and whoa…I was caught up short and mesmerized by the content.

It was called “I Am Angus: Hugh and Eleanor Ingalls & the Black Hills Blizzard,” and it related their experiences and thoughts about the Atlas Blizzard. This video, however, was much different from other stories and videos that we have seen and heard about the October catastrophe. It was different because it not only told what actually happened, but it revealed the heart-felt common sense approach that both Hugh and Eleanor are taking in regard to overcoming this tragedy and to helping others.

The video lasts only about eight minutes, but what a real-life ride it gives the audience. I just hope the video’s message goes around the world because it portrays what real South Dakotans are all about. The Ingalls’ strength and perseverance to keep on going in the face of such diversity is a true-to-life eye opener and portrays what an exemplary model they are.

If you would like to view the video, direct your web browser to

As Hugh stated in regard to the storm and its devastation, “It’s just another chapter in the book—another page in life. Ya gotta buck up and do the best you can.” He further related that his own father told him that when life got tough, “Never give up; ‘til you’re dead.” Keep in mind as you savor those words that Hugh’s father lived well into his nineties. ‘Nuff said.

Now to the Bones Story

Earlier in this article, I mentioned that some phenomenal events are about to happen in 2014. I had this feeling in my bones, and I wasn’t joking. You see, for some time now, I have had a persistent ache in my right hip. I blamed it on being bucked off a horse when I was a youngster. Well, maybe it was from being bucked off that my hip was injured, but the other day, I had another catastrophe with my hip.

I was simply watching the opened gate as son Brian was feeding hay to the cows. When I turned around to close the gate, oops, down I went. My feet flew from under me, and uffdah, I landed squarely on my right hip and shoulder. Ouch! Did that ever hurt! I crawled around for a while and found my footing and stood up. Hm? Something felt different. No hurtin’ on my right side. I must have knocked my bones back into place. How about that?


Getting my bones back in place may not seem like a phenomenal event, but I do feel it’s a good sign for things to come. At least, my family thinks so because Jane isn’t crabby all the time. I had tried so many creams, massages, exercises and nothing seemed to solve the problem. It took a hit on my “hiney” to do the trick.

And now to our ranchers in western South Dakota, who suffered a tremendously devastating hit by the Atlas Blizzard, please keep the faith and know that many of us are here to help you with our prayers and support. Your pain is being felt by all of South Dakota and the world. And it’s told that this too shall pass.

In the meantime, remember Hugh’s father’s words: “Never give up; ‘til you’re dead.”

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