Fire hose: How can this be repurposed?

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What is it?

Every year fire hoses get decommissioned by fire departments across the country. They range in diameter from 1 ½” – 5”.

How can they be repurposed?

“It also can serve as a protective sleeve for hoses and electrical drop cords where there is light weight traffic, i.e. hand trucks, pedestrian.” – Darryl Jensen in Missouri

“You can mount it on the edges of boat piers as a cushion or bumper guard for a boat. It works well if you accordion fold it by nailing it flat then making a small loop and then nailing the other side of the loop and continue to do that with numerous loops around the whole pier edge.” – Lenny in Maryland

“We build apparatus for our chimpanzees here at the Little Rock, Ark., zoo.” – Mike Blakely, zoo director

“Fire makes great strap fencing for horses or cattle.” – MJ in Texas

“Some guys in the concrete business make their own ‘whips’ for pouring concrete with a pump. They get a fitting that will attach to the concrete pump hardware and weld about a 6” long ‘nipple’ (steel pipe) on it. Then, they take about a 12 ft. long piece of fire hose and slip it on the nipple and secure with hose clamps. Makes a nice ‘trunk’ that is flexible for the concrete placement crew to use. Crew can bend the end easily and stop the flow of concrete if necessary. Great for pouring walls.” – Douglas Duba in Canada

“Could also slide it over your gutter spout during hard rains so that it doesn’t make holes in the ground or deteriorate concrete and tar. Just slide it over the bottom outlet spout and stretch the hose out. It will slow down the flow of water and make less of an impact.” – Ryan in Mississippi

“My son had a youth football coach that used old fire hose to create a scrimmage line for practice. Most of the time the kids practice in fields with no lines and this is an easy way to have a scrimmage line. After practice just roll it up.” – Lee in Ohio

“Use old hoses to encase tools, etc., such as a level, for protection.” – Cade in New Jersey

“We cut old fire hose into smaller lengths to use as sleeve protectors to protect both our chains and the products we’re hauling. Works great!” – Brent Ramig w/ Apex Transportation

“If they are strong enough, (PSI burst strength-wise) they can be used for pumping concrete, lightweight concrete and cellular concrete, maybe also unloading many types of fluids from tractor-trailer tanks.” – Tim in Utah

“We have a nursery and run light duty soft water lines throughout the nursery. Where tractors, wagons, trucks and skid steers run over the water line, we use the fire hose as an outer housing and the weaker hose is fine. It’s a good protector.” – Bruce in Iowa

“We tacked down old fire hose in our gravel parking light for striping. People love it! – Jeff Hendricks w/ Page Spring Cellars

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