Letter: Reduce oil production so rail can catch up

Farm Forum

Regarding the shortage of rail cars to transport grain and other ag-related products. I don’t think there is a shortage per se, it’s just that the turnaround time is slower due to the amount of oil coming from the Bakken.

I heard that one of the ethanol plants subleased some of their tank cars to transport oil. If this is the case, then they caused their own rail car shortage.

My suggestion would be to reduce oil production until the infrastructure is in place to handle it! Would the Keystone XL pipeline help? Probably not as it is supposed to bring oil from Canada, and won’t have room for Bakken oil.

Why is the U.S.A. exporting fuel instead of keeping it here? Or is this one way for the oil companies to continue to screw the American people?

As for the graffiti found on downtown buildings, I know it’s wrong, but the person(s) responsible was providing a positive and helpful message instead of the negative hurtful hate messages that you usually see.

Jeff Hendricks