Emergency late-seeding options

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While rain is nearly always welcome in most of South Dakota, recent precipitation in many areas has added to existing subsoil moisture and delayed planting of spring-sown crops. Conversations with area producers indicate many are holding on to their planting intentions, but potential rain in the forecast for the coming weeks may change that.

Each major crop has a final planting date, as defined by crop insurance coverage as outlined in the 2013 iGrow article: http://bit.ly/1h05sck. These dates vary by county as different areas of the state allow different final planting dates for each crop due to climate variations. These are not the last dates to physically plant a crop, but the final dates where full insurance coverage is available, and a good guideline for the last date to consider that crop.

After the final planting date, the insurance allows for a late planting period, 25 days where the guarantee drops by 1 percent per day. Prevented plant (if eligible) may be taken at any point during that span.

If final planting dates are coming up fast and a field is not eligible for prevented plant, you are considering a crop not eligible for crop insurance, and/or you want to raise a forage crop, consult SDSU Extension factsheet, ExEx8120, “Emergency Late-seeding Options”: http://bit.ly/RPbXIO. The latest suggested dates to plant the following row crops intended for grain are as follows: corn – June 10, grain sorghum – July 5, soybean – June 25, and sunflower – July 1. Both corn and sunflower can also be chopped for silage, as could grain sorghum and soybean if it appears they will not produce a suitable grain crop.

A number of alternative crops and forage crops are included in the factsheet, with latest recommended planting dates ranging from July 1 to July 15. Recommended seeding rates and potential use is listed for each crop. To get a paper copy of the factsheet, contact your Regional SDSU Extension Center.

SDSU Extension Wheat Walks

The dates, times and areas of the upcoming “Wheat Walks” are listed below. For more detail, access the iGrow article: http://bit.ly/SauZtD or call the SDSU Extension Center in Winner at 842-1267. To view the presentations from the 2013 Wheat Walks, visit www.youtube.com and type “Wheat Walks” in the search box.

• May 28 – Wheat Walks, 9:30 am CDT, Corsica area, 2:30 pm CDT, Harrold area

• May 29 – Wheat Walks, 9:30 am CDT, Draper area, 2:30 pm CDT, Hayes area