Trees late to leaf after cold winter

Farm Forum

As we continue to finally get warmer daytime and nighttime temperatures, we will see various species of trees and plants put on leaves.

With the late spring and cool temperatures, we are at least three to four weeks behind in plant development. Although many trees and plants have not shown signs of life, they should start developing foliage soon.

We have noticed some winter injury, and in some cases, winter kill. This includes shrubs and trees, especially ones that are not well established. I would encourage everyone to give their plants lots of extra time to show signs of life this spring and summer before considering removal.

Right now is an excellent time to plant trees. There are many bareroot and containerized trees available at local nurseries with many different varieties offered. If you are interested in having a tree planted in the boulevard, the Parks, Recreation and Forestry department has a planting permit available along with a list of approved trees that can be used. We would ask that you purchase the tree and we will pick it up, deliver and plant it at no cost.

Right now is an excellent time to treat those trees that were infested with aphids last year. We had many trees that had sap “raining” out of them onto lawns, houses and cars. The best product to use will contain Imidicloprid as an active ingredient. I recommend using a soil drench product that is mixed and poured around the base of the tree. The roots will then uptake the product to the leaves where the aphids feed. There are many brands that have this as an active ingredient, including Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub Insect Control.

Aaron Kiesz is the city forester for the city of Aberdeen Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department. Contact him for additional information or questions at or 605-626-7015.