Save the date for forage quality workshops

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As the Forages Field Specialist for South Dakota State University Extension, something that has come to my attention is the need for workshop sessions to support the growing population of Latino workers and producers in the dairies of South Dakota. In the last year and a half that I have been working out of the Watertown Regional Extension Center, I have been approached multiple times asking for support in helping to educate this growing population of farm workers in a variety of fields, the most common is that of forage quality. To meet this request, I will be hosting three workshops starting March 31and ending April 2 at three different locations (Watertown, Brookings, and Sioux Falls) which will focus on what a dairy worker and producer needs to know about managing forage quality so that dairy operations can be maintain a high-quality input of feed-stock.

The main objectives of the workshops are to provide a working level of knowledge to dairy workers and producers so that they effectively measure and maintain forage quality for your dairy. This workshop will be provided in a multi-lingual environment (English and Spanish) with the dairy workers in attendance so they can gain the most accurate information in a format they can easily understand. Potential topics that could help in knowledge are: (1) determination of forage moisture; (2) particle size and (2) hay sampling and wet chemistry interpretation for quality analysis; (4) quality at feeding and fiber content; and (5) mold and heat damage.

More details will be provided once the date gets closer. For more information please contact me at (605)-882-5140 or at