Brown County deputy rescues 11-year-old girl from James River

Elisa Sand
Aberdeen News

An 11-year-old girl was rescued from the James River by a Brown County deputy after she accidentally fell into the water Friday evening.

Brown County Chief Deputy Dave Lunzman said the girl was with her father. Lunzman said she was caught in the current and swept downriver, but she soon caught hold of a tree stump.

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"She was there until a deputy got there," he said, noting that responders were initially sent to the wrong bridge and then, once they found the correct area, access required the use of a four-wheeler.

Lunzman said the girl fell in the river near 140th Street, which is north of Stratford. Once the deputy got as far as he could with the four-wheeler, Lunzman said, he dove in the river with a life vest and swam to the child. The two were then pulled to safety.

"It could have been a lot worse," Lunzman said.

He said he believes the father and daughter were fishing at the James River.

Also on Friday, a 13-year-old drowned in the James River near Frankfort while she was swimming with a friend, said Spink County Sheriff Frank Krumm.