GFP releases Fish Consumption Advisories for local lakes

American News

In an advisory, the South Dakota Games, Fish and Parks added two new lakes: Kiesz Lake and Dry #2, to its fish consumption warning due to elevated mercury levels. 

That list also includes walleye more than 25 inches in Elm Lake. Those are just a number of lakes listed in the advisory. 

The South Dakota Departments of Games, Fish and Parks, Health, Agriculture and Natural Resources partnered to test nearly 150 lakes across the state for metals, pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls. The department went on to say that the advisory is intended as a guide to help select fish low in mercury. 

Full list 

  • Elm Lake, Brown County, (Walleye >25 inches)
  • Newell Lake, Butte County, (Walleye >18 inches, Northern Pike >18 inches)
  • Reid Lake, Clark County, (Walleye >23 inches)
  • Dry Lake #2, Clark County, (Walleye >22 inches)
  • Swan Lake, Clark County, (Walleye >21 inches)
  • Long Lake, Codington County, (Walleye >17 inches)
  • Pudwell Dam, Corson County, (Walleye >18 inches, Crappie >12 inches)
  • Bitter Lake, Day County (Walleye all sizes, Northern Pike >30 inches
  • Hazeldon, Day County, (Walleye >21 inches)
  • Lake Minnewasta, Day County, (Walleye >18 inches)
  • Lardy Lake, Day County, (Walleye >25 inches)
  • Lynn Lake, Day County, (Walleye >18 inches)
  • Middle Lynn Lake, Day County, (Walleye >18 inches)
  • Opitz Lake, Day County, (Northern Pike >26 inches) 
  • Twin Lakes, Kingsbury, Brookings Counties, (Walleye >18 inches, Northern Pike >19 inches)
  • North and South Buffalo Lake, Marshall County, (Walleye >21 inches)
  • Kiesz Dam, McPherson County, (Walleye >16 inches)
  • North Island Lake, Minnehaha, McCook Counties, (Walleye >18 inches, Smallmouth Bass >18 inches)
  • Scott Lake, Minnehaha County, (Walleye >25 inches)
  • Twin Lakes, Minnehaha County, (Walleye all sizes)
  • New Wall Lake, Pennington County, (Crappie >13 inches, Largemouth Bass >16 inches)
  • Coal Springs Reservoir, Perkins County, (Northern Pike >25 inches)
  • Lake Hurley, Potter County, (Largemouth Bass >18 inches)
  • Lake Roosevelt, Tripp County, (Largemouth Bass >18 inches, Northern Pike >24 inches)